Journal of American History Interchange on Digital History

Starting today and running for the next month, I’ll be joining a half-dozen other professors in a discussion on the Journal of American History website on the promise and challenges of digital history. It’s great that the JAH is providing this forum and publishing the results in their September 2008 issue. I’m hoping they’ll open up the live discussion to the public, but it seems unlikely since they want to redact the text for publication. I’ll try to mention interesting topics that arise in the discussion in this space.


PhDinHistory says:

This sounds interesting. I have checked the JAH web site a couple of times and not seen this discussion. Do you have a link? Thanks.

Dan Cohen says:

Alas, I was hoping this dialogue would be open to the public, but it’s gated and will be edited for the print publication in September (though there’s a possibility that after the interchange is over they will open the archive to non-participants).

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