The Journal of Digital Humanities Hits Full Stride

If you haven’t checked out the Journal of Digital Humanities yet, now’s the time to do so. My colleagues Joan Fragaszy Troyano, Jeri Wieringa, and Sasha Hoffman, along with our new editors-at-large and the many scholars who have taken democratic ownership of this open-access journal, have quickly gotten the production model down to a science. There’s also an art to it, as you can see from these shots of the new issue (thanks, Sasha!):



As I’ve explained in this space before, there is no formal submission process for the journal. Instead, we look to “catch the good” from across the open web, and take the very best of the good to develop into JDH on a quarterly basis. We believe this leads not only to a high-quality journal that can hold its own against submit-and-wait academic serials, but provides a better measure of what’s important to, and engaging, the entire digital humanities community.

But don’t take my word for it; judge for yourself at the Journal of Digital Humanities website, and pick your favorite format to read the journal in: HTML, ePub, iBook, or PDF.


It’s a very nice design on the web too (HTML). What software, if any, do yo use for content management?

I miss not having comments on articles on the web version though.

Also, what software, if any, do you use to prepare the multiple versions, the Epub, PDF, and ibook versions of an issue?

Joan Fragaszy Troyano says:

Thanks for the compliment. We publish online using WordPress ( Our epub version is created by Anthologize ( and our PDF and iBook versions are produced using iBooks Author.

Awesome. I’d be interested in more information on how you make WordPress look as nice as you do, and in what manner you use Anthologize and iBooks author to produce your volume-specific ebooks, what your workflow looks like.

(I’m asking in interest for the Code4Lib Journal, we also use WordPress as a publishing platform).

Would you be available to share hints and experiences, in a phone conversation, or private email, with me or others of the Code4Lib Journal editorial board?

followed up by private email – please let me know if it didn’t reach you.

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