Canadianization of Zotero

We were lucky to be joined this summer by Adam Crymble, a graduate student in history at the University of Western Ontario. And we were doubly lucky since he worked hard to make Zotero compatible with Canadian resources that were not previously compatible. Adam reports the results of his efforts on his blog, which should make Zotero even more attractive to Canadian academics—as well as anyone using the important databases and repositories he worked on. Thanks, Adam!


2 thoughts on “Canadianization of Zotero

  1. tona says:

    I have been curious since yesterday about what impact, if any, Chrome will have on Zotero. Sorry if this is a threadjack. I also have wondered why the OAH hasn’t signed on to zotero yet; their newsletter articles would seem a natural for it. It’s nice to see the expansion of zotero capability. Keep it up!

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