A Thanksgiving Thought from Roy

We are doing the sad work of cleaning out Roy Rosenzweig’s office today, and happened upon his original (typed!) dissertation from 1978. Here’s the wonderful first paragraph:

“The researching and writing of history is often a lonely and solitary experience. Fortunately, I was able to avoid such isolation in the production of this thesis through the help and support of a large number of friends. Their assistance has confirmed my belief that history does not have to be an individualistic and competitive enterprise, that the most creative and critical scholarship will grow out of an environment of mutual support and collective sharing of ideas.”


One thought on “A Thanksgiving Thought from Roy

  1. Susan Douglass says:

    How wonderful that the aspirations of a young historian were realized. It is rare for people to be able to actualize their vision in their actual careers. It is apparent that (though I did not have the privilege of knowing Roy) he held these principles from the start, and remained true to them.

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