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Digital Campus #29 – Making It Count

Tom, Mills, and I take up the muchdebated issue of whether and how digital work should count toward promotion and tenure on this episode of the podcast. We also examine the significance of university presses putting their books on Amazon’s Kindle device, and the release of better copyright records. [Subscribe to this podcast.]

Happy 4th of July!

2 replies on “Digital Campus #29 – Making It Count”

Kind of off topic, but in the episode you call the 9/11 project an “archive.” Have you ever thought about it in other terms? Specifically, I’m trying to develop the idea of ‘wikumentary’ (a multimedia documentary constructed wikily), and I think the project is an example of what I’m talking about. I’m curious if that seems like an appropriate characterization to yall.

And on topic: the fact that digital “work” is so undervalued in academia has very tangible negative effects (I believe) in the department in which I work – and I’m in a Communication Studies department! We study new media, but we better not do it ourselves…

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