Wikipedia and Artificial Intelligence

Two years ago in this space, I mused about the potential of Wikipedia as the foundation of high quality data mining and search tools, including for historical research. (I also ran a test, the results of which were mixed, but promising.) Now comes a workshop entitled "Wikipedia and Artificial Intelligence: An Evolving Synergy," at the … Continue reading Wikipedia and Artificial Intelligence

The American Historical Association’s Archives Wiki

The American Historical Association has come up with a great idea for a wiki: a website that details the contents of historical archives around the world and includes information about visiting and using those archives. As with any wiki, historians and other researchers can improve the contents of the site by collaboratively editing pages. The … Continue reading The American Historical Association’s Archives Wiki

What Would You Do With a Million Books?

What would you do with a million digital books? That's the intriguing question this month's D-Lib Magazine asked its contributors, as an exercise in understanding what might happen when massive digitization projects from Google, the Open Content Alliance, and others reach their fruition. I was lucky enough to be asked to write one of the … Continue reading What Would You Do With a Million Books?