Digital Campus #12 – Productivity and Connectivity

We begin the news roundup on this week’s podcast with a bit of embarrassing news from Dan, then dig into several stories about big media companies entering the online learning market and Google Books becoming more useful for scholarship. In our feature segment, Tom and Mills explain how they try to stay productive in a […]

Digital Campus #11 – Risky Business? Blogs on Campus, Part II

On the latest episode of the Digital Campus podcast, we continue our discussion of blogging, this time with a closer look at the challenges and difficulties of starting and maintaining a blog, attracting and keeping an audience, and making sure it doesn’t get in the way of other academic pursuits. In the news roundup, we […]

Digital Campus #10 – Risky Business? Blogs on Campus, Part I

Dan, Mills, and Tom celebrate the tenth edition of Digital Campus with part one in a new series on blogs and blogging. In this episode, we take a look back at how we became bloggers, examine questions of subject matter, voice, and style, and debate the risks and rewards of blogging in a scholarly context. […]

Digital Campus #9 – Too Much Information

What are students, researchers, and librarians supposed to do with the tremendous volume of digitized scholarly materials now available to them? We discuss the problem of information overload in this week’s feature segment. The news roundup turns into an iPhone-fest–or is it an iPhone-bashing? Dan tries not to go near an iPhone for fear of […]

Digital Campus #8 – Basic Training

How can you learn technical skills such as web design, programming, and related methods and technologies for work in the digital humanities? We tackle that difficult question on this week’s show, while also covering the top IT issues that universities face (according to CIOs), transcribing books the new fashioned way, and analog and digital news […]

Digital Campus #7 – History Appliances

Bill Turkel joins us on the podcast to discuss his fascinating work on “history appliances,” or the possibility of making history more real by creating physical environments and interfaces that truly immerse us in the past. In the news roundup we ponder whether the opening of Facebook to outside developers means possibly better integration with […]

Digital Campus #6 – Designed to Make You Think

In the sixth episode of our podcast, our creative lead and web design guru Jeremy Boggs discusses recent trends in the composition of websites, and how to make sites that work well in academia, museums, and libraries. In the news roundup we highlight several stories with a common theme–information and images showing up at inopportune […]