Digital Campus #17 – Can You Hear Me Now?

Can cell phones become a useful platform for education? That's the feature story on our holiday Digital Campus podcast, as we discuss several possibilities for the device that is now in every student's and museum-goer's pocket. We conclude our discussion of Facebook's controversial advertising system, wonder if privacy will be a draw for, and … Continue reading Digital Campus #17 – Can You Hear Me Now?

Digital Campus #14 – Where Is the Art?

On this episode of the podcast, we debate the proper relationship between a museum’s virtual and physical manifestations. Our news roundup covers the opening up of Harvard’s scholarship, Berkeley’s YouTube channel, iTunesU, and two software projects that aim to improve the library catalog and the museum exhibit. We also highlight Errol Morris’s blog posts on … Continue reading Digital Campus #14 – Where Is the Art?

Digital Campus #13 – Everything in Moderation?

Is the moderated environment of email discussion lists still the best way for scholars to communicate with others in their field? Or is the time ripe to move those conversations onto blogs and less mediated and more open formats? That’s the debate in the feature segment of this week's Digital Campus podcast. In the roundup … Continue reading Digital Campus #13 – Everything in Moderation?

Digital Campus #12 – Productivity and Connectivity

We begin the news roundup on this week's podcast with a bit of embarrassing news from Dan, then dig into several stories about big media companies entering the online learning market and Google Books becoming more useful for scholarship. In our feature segment, Tom and Mills explain how they try to stay productive in a … Continue reading Digital Campus #12 – Productivity and Connectivity