Digital Campus #32 – Going Native

On this episode of the podcast we discuss whether “digital natives,” those teens and twentysomethings who are supposed to understand and use digital technology intuitively, really exist. We also cover Google’s latest digitization project (this time of newspapers), the publishing lobby’s attempt to close NIH’s open access research portal, and two new foundations to support … Continue reading Digital Campus #32 – Going Native

Digital Campus #29 – Making It Count

Tom, Mills, and I take up the much-debated issue of whether and how digital work should count toward promotion and tenure on this episode of the podcast. We also examine the significance of university presses putting their books on Amazon’s Kindle device, and the release of better copyright records. [Subscribe to this podcast.] Happy 4th … Continue reading Digital Campus #29 – Making It Count

Digital Campus #28 – Raising the BarCamp

On this episode of the Digital Campus podcast, Tom, Mills, and I think in greater depth about whether the stodgy academic conferences we often go to could be (at least partially) recast into more informal affairs along the lines of THATCamp, a "barcamp" or "unconference." We also look at the upcoming iPhone 3G (soon to … Continue reading Digital Campus #28 – Raising the BarCamp

Digital Campus #26 – Free for All

On this episode of the Digital Campus podcast we wrestle with how to keep open access/open source educational resources and tools sustainable for the long run. Mills elaborates on some of his ideas about a "freemium" business model for higher ed, and Tom and I explain the dilemma from the perspective of large academic software … Continue reading Digital Campus #26 – Free for All

Digital Campus #25 – Get With the Program

We were incredibly lucky to get two of the most sophisticated programming gurus in the humanities, Bill Turkel and Steve Ramsey, on the podcast this week. Bill and Steve are both committed to teaching other humanities scholars how to get started with programming, and they provide a number of terrific points and insights into the … Continue reading Digital Campus #25 – Get With the Program