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Omeka Gets Even Better

Tom Scheinfeldt, co-director of the Omeka project along with Sharon Leon, shares the good news of a major upgrade to both the code and the website for the Center for History and New Media‘s online collection and exhibit software on Omeka’s blog.

The new version of Omeka has an even easier way to build an exhibit, wrap it in a design theme, and extend your site with plugins. Improved documentation and user support will help you along the way. For developers and geeks, the revamped theme API and plugin API make it simple to extend Omeka, or you can get involved with the project in other ways. And the Omeka team is about to make it a snap to import digital objects from a variety of repositories and other software.

You can find all of this goodness on the beautiful new Omeka site (below). Congrats to the hard-working Omeka team: Tom, Sharon, Jeremy Boggs, Jim Safley, Kris Kelly, Sheila Brennan, Dave Lester, and Ken Albers.

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I’m a big fan and I’ve been following Digital Campus for a while now. Keep up the good work. I run Ubuntu at home and I recently installed Omeka on it. I tried once before months ago but I was defeated by mod_rewrite. Since then, I’ve learned a few tricks — like better searching on the Ubuntu forums. I created a basic guide at

to help others install and begin using Omeka.

Best Wishes.

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