2008 James Harvey Robinson Prize

I’m delighted to announce that the Center for History and New Media, along with the Stanford History Education Group, has won the 2008 James Harvey Robinson Prize for Historical Thinking Matters. This prize, awarded by the American Historical Association, is offered biennially for the teaching aid that has made the most outstanding contribution to the teaching of history in any field.

CHNM is humbled by this award, especially since it is our third straight Robinson Prize. Our prior winning projects are History Matters and World History Matters. (For a History Matters franchise near you, contact us.)

Congratulations go out to our collaborators from Stanford, including Sam Wineburg and Daisy Martin, and to the CHNM team that did such a terrific job on the site: Sharon Leon, Mike O’Malley, Jeremy Boggs, Stephanie Hurter, Josh Greenberg, Rikk Mulligan, Meagan Hess, and Ammon Shepherd.


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