Fall Opportunities

The 2008 Digital Media and Learning Competition proposals are due October 15. Run by HASTAC and funded by the MacArthur Foundation, this year’s theme is “Participatory Learning.” From the announcement:

Participatory Learning includes the many ways that learners (of any age) use new technologies to participate in virtual communities where they share ideas, comment upon one another’s projects, and plan, design, advance, implement, or simply discuss their goals and ideas together.

Applications for the fourth competition for the ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowship Program are due on October 2. Run by the American Council of Learned Societies and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation,

this program supports digitally based research projects in all disciplines of the humanities and humanities-related social sciences. It is hoped that projects of successful applicants will help advance digital humanistic scholarship by broadening understanding of its nature and exemplifying the robust infrastructure necessary for creating further such works.

I was lucky enough to get one of these ACLS fellowships in the first year of the program, and it was invaluable for my work on the project that became Zotero.


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