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Digital Campus #24 – Running from the Law

On the first podcast of our second year of the Digital Campus podcast, we discuss some of the legal constraints and threats that academic content providers and digital tool builders face—namely, an increasingly confusing and nightmarish patchwork of regulations from copyright to patents. We talk about the ways in which we have tried to pursue fair use and new technology without getting sued. In the news roundup we cover the launch of offline Google Docs and Internet safety classes for kids. [Subscribe to this podcast.]


One thought on “Digital Campus #24 – Running from the Law

  1. anon coward says:

    Re: podcast #24, and the various statistics you cited re: predators on myspace – I’m glad that you mentioned that these stats are often nothing more than ‘scare stories.’ When some article mentions that 17% of children are asked for sexually explicit pictures, is there any attempt to ascertain who is doing the asking? Is it other children (teens, likely) who are asking, or creepy adults? Methodology is important in looking at the validity of any statistical outcome.

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