Digital Campus #17 – Can You Hear Me Now?

Can cell phones become a useful platform for education? That’s the feature story on our holiday Digital Campus podcast, as we discuss several possibilities for the device that is now in every student’s and museum-goer’s pocket. We conclude our discussion of Facebook‘s controversial advertising system, wonder if privacy will be a draw for, and revisit the rise of the podcasting of lectures now that commercial companies are entering the market. Our links for the week include exhibition software for museums, a great new academic blog from Stan Katz, and a simple way for libraries and museums to turn cell phones into audio tour handsets.

One reply on “Digital Campus #17 – Can You Hear Me Now?”

The answer to your first question is certainly yes; it is merely a question of how. Cellphones are quickly becoming portable information devices with Internet access faster than what was common for desktops not too many years ago. I’m not sure how universities will take advantage of the platform, but having dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other references a touch away will be very helpful (and I hope at some point the data plans aren’t so ridiculously overpriced so that I will be willing to pay for one, haha).

BTW, reading through your posts about creating custom blog software was very interesting. I’m right on the edge of deciding whether I am going to do that as I’ve been displeased with WordPress on more than one occasion. I made a list of requirements, niceties, and things to think about, so I’ve realized that the project will be a large one. Looking for additional perspectives on the issue led me to your blog.

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