Digital Campus #16 – Steal This E-Book

As noted in this space recently,’s release of its new e-book reader the Kindle has set off a frenzy of speculation about the future of books, reading, and publishing. On the new episode of Digital Campus, we debate the promise and problems of the Kindle and e-book readers in general. In the news roundup we express outrage at a possible new U.S. bill that would remove funds from universities that fail to stop online piracy and at Facebook’s new feature that allows everyone to see what you’re buying. Listeners beware: it’s a cranky week on the podcast.

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Ahem. Some of us “nerds” can be pretty sensitive about how our popular culture scholarship is referred to, even if we are known to squeal from time to time.

Careful or we’ll have to let more people know you can talk about Frankenstein and Neuromancer knowledgeably.

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