WordCamp Ed: Conference on WordPress for Education

From CHNM‘s Dave Lester, one of founders of THATCamp: The Humanities and Technology Camp, comes WordCamp Ed: WordCamp conferences are taking the blogging community by storm as one-day events to meet fellow WordPress users in regional communities. WordCamp Ed has been organized to specifically focus on WordPress and Education. The day-long event to take place […]

Digital Humanities and the Disciplines, Day 2

The second day of the “Digital Humanities and the Disciplines” conference at Rutgers was so full of thought-provoking talks and conversation that it’s taken me a few days to digest it. The highlights: Chris Kelty (who has recently moved to UCLA’s Department of Information Studies) gave a talk about his book Two Bits: The Cultural […]

Digital Humanities and the Disciplines, Day 1

Aside from a talk from yours truly on new directions in digital history, the first day of the “Digital Humanities and the Disciplines” conference at Rutgers featured a talk by Hilary Ballon entitled “Rethinking the Journal in Multimedia.” Ballon is the Associate Vice Chancellor at New York University and the editor of the Journal of […]

Digital Humanities and the Disciplines

On Thursday and Friday, October 2-3, 2008 (that is, starting tomorrow, if you’re reading this immediately from my feed) I’ll be at Rutgers University for the conference “Digital Humanities and the Disciplines,” sponsored by the Center for Cultural Analysis. If you’re in the area, please stop by—the conference is open to the public. If I […]

New Horizons Keynote

For readers of this blog within easy travel distance of Charlottesville, Virginia, I’ll be giving the keynote address on May 19 at the second annual New Horizons conference at the University of Virginia, showcasing technology in teaching, research, and scholarship. My talk is entitled “Creating Scholarly Tools and Resources for the Digital Ecosystem,” and will […]

3rd Annual Chicago Digital Humanities/Computer Science Colloquium

Looks like a good and timely topic for this year’s Chicago DHCS Colloquium: The goal of the annual Chicago Digital Humanities/Computer Science (DHCS) Colloquium is to bring together researchers and scholars in the Humanities and Computer Sciences to examine the current state of Digital Humanities as a field of intellectual inquiry and to identify and […]

The Vision of ORE

One form of serious intellectual work that could use much more respect and appreciation within the humanities is the often unglamorous—but occasionally revolutionary—work of creating technical standards. At their best, such standards transcend the code itself to envision new forms of human interaction or knowledge creation that would not be possible without a lingua franca. […]

Spring 2008 Rosenzweig Forum on Technology and the Humanities

[An announcement from Matt Kirschenbaum and our good friends at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.] This spring the Rosenzweig Forum on Technology and the Humanities is pleased to present: Ken Price on “Edition, Project, Database, Archive, Thematic Research Collection: What’s in a Name?” Ken’s abstract: What are the implications of the terms […]

Join Us for THATCamp!

While everyone is zigging, we’ve decided to zag here at the Center for History and New Media. The professional organizations may have their formal meetings with set panels and preplanned events; we’re pleased to introduce a completely informal—but we hope more productive and enjoyable—”unconference” called THATCamp: The Humanities and Technology Camp. Join us at George […]