Crowdsourcing the Title of My Next Book

Already put this out on Twitter but will reblog here:

I’m crowdsourcing the title of my next book, which is about the way in which common web tech/methods should influence academia, rather than academia thinking it can impose its methods and genres on the web. The title should be a couplet like “The X and the Y” where X can be “Highbrow Humanities” “Elite Academia” “The Ivory Tower” “Deep/High Thought” [insert your idea] and Y can be “Lowbrow Web” “Common Web” “Vernacular Technology/Web” “Public Web” [insert your idea]. so possible titles are “The Highbrow Humanities and the Lowbrow Web” or “The Ivory Tower and the Wild Web” etc. What’s your choice? Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.

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  1. The Ivy and the Ironic
    The Campus and the Crowd
    The Campus and the Community
    The Professor and the Pundit
    The Masters and the Mob

    Though when I first started reading your post I thought tyhe best title would be ‘Ecce Adademica’ – but it does fit your rules.

  2. The Mortarboard and the Motherboard?
    The Professor and the Tinker? Or the Thinker and the Tinker? (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  3. Academics are members of the public in other spheres so why not lose the separation of opposites:

    Opening the Books;

    Public Scholar;

    High thoughts in a wide world.

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